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One thing you’ll notice in my blogs is I’m very honest and real about my walk with Christ. Some Christian people would want you to believe that it’s easy. I’m here to tell you it’s a daily struggle but with God, you’ll get through it. Yielding to Christ was put on my heart by God so I’m going to write what he tells me to say and know you’ll be blessed. In living for God there WILL be trials, there WILL be tears, there WILL be sadness but there WILL be a recovery that you’ve never experienced before.

I myself remember not knowing how to yield to Christ, my father was a preacher and went to church faithfully and taught us the Southern way. If you don’t know what I mean that’s “don’t do it” and “don’t ask, don’t tell.”  One thing I didn’t know is daddy couldn’t make me have a relationship with Christ. I had to want it for myself and honestly didn’t know how to get it. As I’d grown older I noticed it was hard to yield to God because I hadn’t be taught how. Now yielding to God is going to mean releasing that invisible power you THINK you have to him.


Don’t try to tell God how to be God, that’s mistake number 1 and it isn’t going to be good for you. You’ll find yourself constantly frustrated and disappointed. If he meant for us to run our own lives we wouldn’t need faith.  He wants you to yield to him because HE knows best, he’ll give you your best but you have to let him take the wheel. He doesn’t need our help, he Is God and GOD alone so you can just buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride.


So 2013 has been a pretty good year so far for myself & my daughter. I’ve gotten closer to God and sure enough the devil came in attack mode. It seems as though he put his radar on me and each move I make, he TRIES to throw me off. In the past I’ve struggled with anger so I prayed on it and God released me from it. I had the hardest time releasing it because in a way I liked being angry and it made people move out of my path. I was so mad that life was throwing me such a hard curve and even questioned God. I would lay in my room at night & talk very angrily to God and wouldn’t acknowledge him while all the while he was speaking, I wasn’t listening though. I kept saying ” God why would you allow me to go through so much, I’m stressed out, I’m needing you and you just won’t relieve me”. I now look back and reflect on God telling me just to be still, know that he is God. I was so busy trying to fix my own life and make it go the way I wanted that I didn’t halt and let him do his job. You might look back now and say Wow, God was talking to me so many times and I turned my back and closed my ears because I wanted things to go my way.

I have to say THANK YOU JESUS he didn’t let it go “my way” because had he I’d still be a loss soul. I would be angry, my daughter would be lacking a loving mother, I wouldn’t know Christ on this level, I’d still be in a tumultuous relationship that compromised my worth, my self respect and even my dignity. I’m thankful he spared me so much grief all by just yielding to his will and living for him. He can and will deliver you from your current state! He can deliver you from that abusive relationship, he can deliver you from sexual immorality, he can deliver you from that drug or alcohol addiction, just LET HIM IN. I still have the struggle to not reach back for that angry woman I was but then God reminds me that’s my PAST. He reminds me that I’m a new creature in him and that the old me has passed away.

He makes sure to straighten me right back up when I decide I’m going to TRY and go astray. “It’s almost like someone snatches the back of your shirt and says “AH AH AH, you know I have brought you from that nasty habit”. If someone told me a year ago that I’d be 24 and yes going through trials but looking to God to straighten them out I would’ve looked at them like they were crazy. That once broken woman is now a beautiful masterpiece, a work in progress but PROGRESSING. It feels so good to know that I can call on the Father to comfort me.  I hope this blog has inspired you and you’ll share it and even ADAPT it to your own life. God Bless