Well today I finally resigned up to Twitter and it felt kind of strange. In December of 2012 I noticed my life was being lived on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter so what’d I do? You guessed it, I deleted them all with no warning, No sad goodbye status, no exchanging of numbers, no parting words just DEACTIVATE.I noticed those sites had become my God, I wasn’t studying my word, wasn’t praying just going through my day on my phone.

I’d become addicted to being on my phone, scanning other people’s pictures, reading other people’s status’s comparing my own life and I got down right discouraged. I had to realize God had me where HE wanted me in life. Being on Twitter I’d seen plenty of drug pictures & following people that weren’t of God. They weren’t representing the kingdom and there I was feeding that garbage right into my soul. I was wondering why I was going through so much Chaos and it was because I wasn’t about HIS business. I was going through the motions of living my own life and that’ll always breed stress.


Now returning to Twitter my prayer life is solid as a rock, I study my bible and I follow the people who I can be encouraged through. In being a Christian we have to protect our eyes from the things that can turn us to lust, get us off our duty to serve God & deter us from growing closer to him. Now I know people say “it doesn’t take all that” UHM YES IT DOES! Guard your heart against all things that come to destroy your relationship with Christ, guard your heart against all things that’ll make you question your place in life. God has you RIGHT where he wants you to be. He wants to be close to you, he wants you to desire him, he wants that quality time with you. 

When dealing with social media:

Make sure you are following people that can pull you closer to Christ. 

Make sure you don’t spend all your day on these sites

Make sure you are WITNESSING to onlookers; When I left my daughter’s father almost 2 years ago I got my relationship with Christ strong by reading blogs by Diana Hobbs. If it hadn’t been for her site ( I wouldn’t of known where to turn.

Make sure you check yourself before you post certain things ( profanity, offensive stats, e.t.c) you want to bring people TO Christ not send them running waving their hands.

Make sure you are a great example of a Christian ( we are NOT perfect but we need to come in the name of him & represent him well)