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Today I want to blog about becoming a new creature in Christ in all it entails. Recently I was faced with a situation which brought old situations up that I’d already buried and let go of. Sometimes we don’t understand becoming a new creature in Christ means burying our old ways of thinking, operating and even being more dedicated to Christ. In my past I would hold grudges, be unforgiving and point fingers. Now I can acknowledge that wasn’t a good look for me when I claimed to be a christian and thought I was representing the kingdom.


A few weeks ago I came to a place where I decided I didn’t want to be that woman anymore, so I began to pray to God to do a work in me. I wanted him to reveal any of the “old creature” that I was trying to shed. I want and wanted to grow closer to him so that meant I had to come to a place of getting right in all aspects of my walk. If you are going to come in the name of God, you’d better be right within because if not you are the blind leading the blind. In becoming a new creature you are going to have to leave some people behind and some are going to get offended. If you tell them “hey, I’m going forward with life, I need to surround myself with people who are looking to glorify God with their life so I can’t continue this friendship” they probably will be shocked. But our job is not to hold ourselves back so others can feel good about themselves it’s to continue to grow in him so he is satisfied, glorified and showing favor to us.



We have to remember on this walk God is looking for us to come to him when things aren’t right, he’s looking for us to fall on our knees to him. God doesn’t want to see us say ” my friends and even family won’t understand I’m trying to be better so I can’t give you my all”, he wants us to bring it to their doorsteps. Jesus wants us to remember he died on that cross for us, not our sister, friend, mama, daddy, cousin and others who aren’t ready to step with us. If they have a problem with you becoming a new creature then leave them behind. I’m proud to say I see my growth everyday, all the test the devil has set up for me I pass because God is in me. I don’t have any stipulation on the way I serve him, when I serve him or who’s going to feel what way because I serve him and neither should you.


Sometimes it’s easy to revert to our past because it’s so familiar. In the past I’ve battled a HOT temper. I mean HOT, jump over a counter, slam my hand down on counters, curse you out so good you’d think I was a graduate of Cuss you out 101, and throw things. I noticed I didn’t like the person I was. I was not the person GOD would want me to be. In my quest to live right I prayed and cried out to GOD to deliver me from my anger and he did.

As soon as I decided that anger would be my last emotion the devil sent people to test me. Sometimes I passed and other times I failed. I would always pray and say “LORD HELP ME, JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE.” I would get snappy with certain people and others I’d just ignore. Today I got faced with a person sent straight from the pits of hell to knock me off my walk. MISSION: NOT ACCOMPLISHED!

I had to turn in some documents for my daughter and the lady said some really nasty things to me. In my head I fired up and was ready to fire off some hot words and roll my neck. Instead God reminded me of who I was and where I’d come from. I clinched my cheeks and said nothing. That showed me how much I’ve grown, how much work God has done in me and it truthfully made me so proud.

God is so wonderful, he’s amazing and he’ll deliver us from whatever ails us. When your past looks you in the face, just remember that WAS YOU, this IS you. Don’t let the enemy knock you out of favor with God. He is faithful to you if you are faithful to him and I praise his name for saving me. I love the Woman Of God I am and further evolving into, he’s smiling at me right now & that’s the best feeling ever. So stand down Satan because I am blessed and highly favored and you saw that TODAY.