I want to start this blog off with praise for God covering me. This weekend and really this entire week I have been feeling like a punching bag. It’s been a struggle to clear my mind BUT GOD is so merciful. God has been so good to me, he’s making crooked paths straight and constantly growing in me. 


I’m very clear cut so I think when friendships end, relationships end that you need to be mature. The gossiping, the pointing your ex-friend or ex-girlfriend or boyfriend out is really a disrespect. I got an email informing me that someone connected to a past relationship had searched for me. Now I have a VERY unique name so to find me, someone has told you my name. It irritated me because I don’t speak of this person, don’t tell this persons business and definitely don’t give out this persons name. I’m not that type of person so it doesn’t serve me to speak negatively of someone from my pass. I immediately said “GOD, WHERE’S MY PROTECTION from these type of situations?” I have grown so much that God told me to hush, release that from my mind & continue living.



One thing we’ve got to realize is God is ALWAYS protecting us. He’s not going to let someone play with his children. He’s not going to allow ANYBODY that comes to steal, kill and destroy actually be successful in that area. When you look for his protection know that he’s an all seeing GOD. He knew your need for protection before it even was shown to you. Also, I can hear God telling me so what if someone is searching for you. So what if they want to know what you look like because they are insecure. So what if someone has spoken your name to try to make you look bad. That’s all a reflection of them, not you. They are not healed so they feel the need to inform people of you. They aren’t mature enough to admit their faults so they feel the need to speak ill of you. KEEP LIVING, KEEP BEING THE WOMAN OF CHRIST YOU ARE, KEEP SERVING THE GOD WHO’S DELIVERED YOU FROM THAT TERRIBLE RELATIONSHIP.  So you know what I’m doing? Resting on the fact that I’m covered, blessed, highly favored, living a life Christ is smiling on and grown enough to mind my own business. Let’s Pray!

Dear Most Gracious Father,

I want to thank you for creating me in your image, I want to thank you for delivering me from my past, I want to thank you for being who you are in my life and loving me no matter how I am. I pray for this person in my past tonight, that they grow, that they come to know you, that they move on with their life and realize it looks much better ahead than behind. God touch my heart so that I respond appropriately, that I can continue to grow in you and realize you are my protection. In your awesome and powerful name,