I have been studying my bible and finally got to the chapter of Job. I immediately was drawn in because for the past couple of months I had been feeling like him. I was making it & honestly still complaining, stressing, cursing God (yes I know how horrible that is), and just having a “job moment”. It’s so easy for us to praise God when things are flowing right, health is all great, finances are bountiful, fridge is fully stocked and e.t.c.  But soon as he lets us ride the waves of a little trouble we start to do just as Job did. If it’s one thing I’m learning it’s that being a Christian does entail some suffering because Jesus suffered so we aren’t exempt. 



It’s amazing how we can be so ungrateful to a God who sustains us through our storms. I remember just days before opening my bible the “hissy fit” I had thrown. In reading the chapter it made me do 2 things, 1 immediately start asking for forgiveness and 2 analyze myself. I know I’d been telling God how big my problems were instead of telling my problems how big my GOD is. I know that things are a little dreary at the moment but that doesn’t mean it’s going to always be that way. I know that I have to put my complete trust and faith in God. I can’t get “fed up” and start acting like a baby and start cursing God and telling him how he’s ignored me and how he just left me hanging. I have to just sit back and know that he is God and he knows what he’s doing.



So when WE are facing a Job moment I want US to stop right in our tracks and say “God, I know you are behind the scenes making things work”. Just because it seems stormy and like these troubles will last always your word has assured us it WON’T! You have made many ways out of what seemed to be no ways so I will sit still and let you work. Let’s Pray!

Dear God,

I first come to you apologizing and seeking your forgiveness for ever doubting the powerful God you are. We saw Job go to the bottom and you rose him right back to the top. You are faithful and I am so sorry that I ever spoke out of turn to you. You have promised me in your word that we are not meant to be mediocre. You’ve constantly encouraged me, taken care of me and shown your grace and mercy toward me. Forgive me for the things I’ve said out of lack of faith, forgive me for the things I’ve done trying to get back even at you. I can NEVER come close to your power so I thank you for sustaining me when I thought I was on my own. I want to thank you for the small & large blessings you’ve given me, I thank you for the ways you continue to make even when I don’t deserve it. I thank you for being who you are and what you are to my life. In your great and mighty name I pray,