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When we decide to give our lives to Christ we believe life is going to change for the better. We know it’s going to be constant work but as far as our trials and tribulations we think those are going to halt, RIGHT?! Nothing could be further from the truth, and that’s the hardest thing to stomach. But that’s not the worst part though, our friends and family who are living a life full of sin are getting blessed left and right and we’re sitting at home trying to make sense of it. We’re sitting home scrolling our social media accounts and can’t help but see someone has gotten a new job, a new car, a new house and we’ve been praying for those very things. We get upset and start to cry out to God asking why they are getting “OUR” blessing. We say things like “Lord so and so doesn’t even believe in you, so and so doesn’t even pay tithes, so and so is shacking up, so and so is selling drugs” and so many other things right? Well I’m here to knock all of those very thoughts out of your mind and give you peace in your season.


In Matthew 6:19-21 we get to see that God is telling us no matter what you see happening around you that you being faithful will pay off. On earth so and so is definitely seeming to do better than you, seems to be getting those things you asked for but once God comes back they have no home. God will supply every need but he does it in his timing, he’s not worried about your need to keep up with the Jones-es. HE’S JUST NOT THAT TYPE OF GOD, he’s more focused on letting you put things into perspective! You have to ask yourself if you want to have things that you can’t take with you and be in hell or do you want to wait on his timing and go be with him in heaven for eternity. Riches on earth is all those people have but God has given you the greatest gift, ETERNAL LIFE. 



God let’s us know that rich men will have a hard time getting into heaven and it’s because they won’t even share. I remember reading in the bible Jesus asked a rich man to give his riches away and follow him and have real riches. The man wouldn’t do it! Can you believe that??? He would rather have his earthly goods than to dedicate his life to following and serving CHRIST! With sinners it’s the same way, they’d rather look good to the earthly people than suffer a little following Christ. Aren’t you glad Jesus has you, so you will be set up in heaven with him? I don’t know about you but I’m glad when hell opens up, I’M NOT GOING THERE! If ALL I have to do is follow him, pay my tithes, study his word, pronounce my stance to the world and live in a way that’ll bring people over to know him and be set up for eternity, those sinners can have that life.

Trust me I’m going through a season where I have had to cry, pray, get upset, get happy, trust him and surrender to his will. I know exactly how it feels to be surrounded by sinners who appeared to be winning but still have to believe God for my turn around. I’m currently going through the unemployment season and health of my daughter being at stake so I’m speaking from experience that God CAN AND WILL turn it around. All you have to do is tell him, I know you’re going before me Lord so I trust you! I know those people in my life are seeming to do better than I am but it’s all apart of satan’s plan to get me off my walk with you. I’m not leaving you Lord, I’m not taking my eyes off of you, the devil can be yelling in my face but I’m going to stay focused on you. I know it’s hard, TRUST and BELIEVE I’m fighting my way through right here today. Let’s Pray!

Dear Most Gracious Father,

I thank you for loving me, saving me, waking me up this morning and keeping me in the midst of my storms. I thank you for reminding me in your word that I’m covered. I know at times the lives of sinners can look more appealing than the life I live but it’s just a trick of the devil to take me from you. As I sit here today declaring my trust, faith and belief in you father, you are mine and I am yours. No matter how hard it gets I’ll be grateful for where you have me. I’ll trust in your timing and believe you for my turn around. I know it won’t always be like this, you have promised me in your word that it’ll be greater later. I love you God and thank you for all you’ve done for me and the road you’ve prepared for me ahead. In your powerful name I pray,






Another wonderful young lady who I connected with via Instagram who was open and willing to share her journey. I emailed her and she had no hesitation about spreading her journey to further God’s kingdom and help our single sisters out. Sis I thank you for being so open and willing to feature on my blog and represent the kingdom. I absolutely adore you and love your ministry and we are going to make this Celibacy thing BIG with the help of God.


Celibacy Feature

       1.   Tell me about yourself:

My name is Jasmine Harris, and I am single, saved, satisfied, seeking the Lord and saving my goodies for marriage J I am the CEO and Founder of Confessions of a Single Christian and I’m So Worth It ministries. God birthed Confessions of a Single Christian 12.22.12, and I’m So Worth It 03.13.13—each of these ministries were conceived from my pain and God has used it for his purpose and glory. Confessions of a Single Christian and I’m So Worth It vision is for women to find joy in their season of singleness, become complete in Christ, pursue their purpose, and discover their identity and worth in Jesus Christ. There was a cry of Tamar from women in the body of Christ, and women in general. There was a cry from women that have been used, abused and thrown out like yesterday’s garbage and left to pick up the pieces, and make sense of their life and worth. This cry has been heard by God, and he has commissioned and appointed me to help restore the woman that has been broken, to help mend the woman that has been used, and to bring healing to the woman that has been beaten. So many women have defined their worth by the men in their lives, or lack thereof whether it be a romantic relationship or father, and my ministries were birthed to awaken their worth and purpose in Christ Jesus! (Sorry this was so long, but I am extremely passionate about women being whole in Christ and I desire to help them in this process to purpose

2.   What brought you to the celibate lifestyle?

Pain, heartbreak and disappointment brought me to the celibacy lifestyle; however, it is Jesus’s grace that has kept and his love, which has maintained me! I was tired of giving my all in meaningless and purposeless relationships. I was giving my all to everyone except Jesus. I would only go to God when I needed his hands, and I was never seeking his heart. In the summer of 2008, my life was completely turned upside down, and when I was in a very dark place Jesus’s light came and found me. At the point of hitting rock bottom I found The Rock, Jesus Christ and re-dedicated my life to Christ, and began a path of purity and pursuing my purpose in Christ!

3. How has being celibate changed your life?

Oh my goodness—I have sooooooooo much peace and clarity. Being celibate has completely changed my life for the better. It has pushed me so much closer to Christ and I see things so much clearer than before. Sex before marriage clouds your mind and judgment, and celibacy clears those clouds. I can only speak for myself, but when I was in the world having sex I tolerated so much because the sex had me confused and in bondage. Celibacy broke those chains and set me free—free in Christ, free in my body, free in my mind and free in my spirit.


4. Do you believe celibacy is something that all women should practice?

I absolutely 110% think all women AND men should pursue purity until marriage. Sex before marriage cheapens the courting/dating process. Your marriage night is supposed to be a gift to one another and glorify God, because you honored him with your life and body during the courtship. As a couple saving sex for marriage allows you to really get to know each other and work things out instead of covering up your pain and problems with the temporary solution of sex. When you are  practicing celibacy during courtships forces you to get in front of God with your problems instead of the bed to cover them up

5. What advice would you give to women struggling with deciding to become celibate?

My advice is the struggle is real, but nothing you can’t overcome in Christ. When God says, “My Grace Is Sufficient” you have to believe that, lean on it and depend on it. I would encourage you to remove anyone and anything from your life that would cause you to stumble in your walk. There was a season I could not listen to any love songs or watch any romantic movies or novels. My mind would go on one heck of a trip, and take me back to sexual thoughts and memories. I seriously had to renew my mind daily and depend on God’s grace to get me through, and take it one day at a time.  Through time, daily denying your flesh and feeding your spirit with the Word of God you can and will go from struggling to surviving. You can do it!! You can achieve celibacy!! You can pursue purity, but not in your own strength.


6.What do you say to the women in a relationship who’s been sexually active with her boyfriend and believes she can’t stop having sex with him now because she’s already started?

I would say you never know unless you STOP!! And, if your boyfriend does not respect your decision to honor Christ with your body, then he is not the man God has for you point, blank, period!! Get out of the relationship, stop settling and chase Christ with your whole heart, and rest in God until he sends you the right man and awakens love in your life. You Can Do It Girl!!!!

7. What words of wisdom do you want to share with our sisters in Christ regarding Celibacy?

I want to tell my single sisters that you are so beautiful, so worth it, so worth waiting for, and so worth pursuing. You are such a precious jewel in the eye’s of

 What w God and he never intended for anyone to use you or abuse you, but whatever someone has done to you it does not take away how much God loves you or your worth in Christ. No matter what you’ve done or allowed to be done to you—you can always come back to God for forgiveness and restore your relationship with Christ. You do not have to settle or lower your standards for love, because the man God has for you will respect your body, heart and be in agreement with your decision to pursue purity. Do not be afraid to walk away from anyone that does not respect you or your beliefs. You are loved! You are sooooooooooooo Worth It!!








Ministry: Confessions Of A Single Christian & I’m  So Worth It





Celibacy Feature

If you follow my blog you know I’m always trying to inform you about kingdom business and give you biblical resources and today I want to introduce you to a beautiful lady traveling the celibacy journey. I connected to her via Instagram and was immediately inspired by her ministry and her outspoken love for Christ. I shot her an email this morning and with NO hesitation she agreed to be a feature on my blog. Woman Of God I thank you for being transparent and about that Kingdom life (lol) and I’m grateful for you being open to bless others through your experiences! 



  1. Tell me about yourself:

My name is Teasa Cooper. I am founder and CEO of “Grown Woman International” which is a movement focused mainly on women (but men are included) and dedicated to infuse Jesus Christ back into a world who has purposefully (under Satan’s agenda) distanced themselves from Christ’s morals, standards, and values (which are all for our greater good.) I am 33, currently single, and have no kids. I love being totally lost in Jesus, the color purple, reading, and a good cup of coffee with cream and sugar. 

2. What brought you to the celibacy lifestyle?

I was tired of giving myself to men who I knew were not husband material or to men who didn’t know if they wanted to be in a serious relationship or not. I knew what I was doing was wrong and realized I deserved better than what I was subjecting myself too. I have been celibate now for three years. (Glory to God.)

3. How has being celibate changed your life?

I have peace of mind knowing what I am doing is pleasing to our Master, which is who I choose to please. I’m not worried about pregnancy out of wedlock or sexually transmitted diseases. God is using me to show other women it is OK to live a life dedicated to Him and live by His standards of righteousness, holiness, purity, etc. (What an honor. All praises to Him! 

4. Do you believe celibacy is something that all women should practice

Absolutely! The Apostle Paul writes in 1st Corinthians 6:18-20 “Run from sexual sin! No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does. For sexual immorality is a sin against your own body. Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a great price. So you must honor God with your body.” This is not a suggestion. This is a must if you are single. Sex was created for the covenant of marriage.

5. What advice would you give to women struggling with deciding to become celibate?

Usually when women struggle in this area, there is something lacking in their life or they are trying to fill a void which they feel is missing. My advice would be to go into your “Jesus Space” (what I like to call it), begin to pray and ask Him to reveal yourself to you. (Remember, He knows you better than you know yourself.) Let Him be honest to you about your issues, and begin to work with Him on the things which the Holy Spirit reveals to you. If you keep going to Him, you will notice He will begin to do a work in you and fill those voids; He will begin to make you whole. His love cures ALL struggles. He can make you content until it is your season to be married.


What do you say to the woman in a relationship who’s been sexually active with her boyfriend and believes she can’t stop having sex with him now because she’s already started?

Who do you want to honor and please? If you tell your boyfriend the decision you have made and if he is a man of God, He will respect you have decided to place God first in your life. A Christian man will cheer you on and push you into a deeper relationship with Christ, not pull you away from Him. If your boyfriend has an issue with this decision, you might want to re-evaluate is this truly the man Christ wants you with.

7. What words of wisdom do you want to share with our sisters in Christ regarding Celibacy?

Celibacy is just one of the many ways which helps us go into deeper, more intimate relationship with Christ. It is pleasing to our Father. He smiles upon women (and men) who decide to keep His commandments. We are all ambassadors for The Kingdom of God and if we are honoring Him, we bring glory to His name. As the King’s kids, that should be our ultimate goal.


Instagram: grownwomaninternational

Twitter: @grownwomanintrl


Ministry: Grown Woman International 



First I’d like to start off by letting everyone know that I get my graphicsfrom Google search engine so the images are REPOST.

Now that we have that out of the way I want to speak to my ladies specifically about the views of what will get you a husband. It’s been heavy on my heart and I didn’t want to offend anyone but I have to help my single sisters out. In today’s society and especially in the Christian community I’m noticing an abundance of WOMEN telling us single ladies we need to put make- up on to get a husband. They are implying if you don’t wear make-up, wear heels, exercise and maintain a slim body that that’s the reason WE are single. Now if you DON’T read your word, you may get caught up in the trend of fixing your outer but neglecting your inner. 

Matthew 23:27– Inner Beauty is what God seeks (credit to )

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs which on the outside appear beautiful, but inside they are full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness.

Image(credit to

No where in the bible does God say we have to wear heels, apply make-up, get bone thin and pretend to be perfect to get a husband. If you can find the scripture where he says to do these things then please leave this in the comments area so I can retract this statement. I believe God wants our inner to be on point so that we are living a life pleasing him, spreading his word, encouraging each other and saving souls. I personally have only worn make-up twice in my life, I dress very nicely (and I’m a plus size woman), I spray a little perfume on myself but my heart is so focused on sharing God that I can’t spend time perfecting the outer to hide my inner struggles.  I just personally am very bothered by the word make-up! What are we “making up?” Beauty is not skin deep because if it was our looks wouldn’t change and God would speak on it in the bible.

Image (credit:\

I want to submit to you today those same “Women of God” who tell you that you need to “keep yourself up” by way of appearance to get a man won’t tell you if they gained weight their husbands wouldn’t support them. Their main excuse are men are visual, my question is he might be visual but what does he say your heart? I’m by no way saying to walk outside without showering, without combing your hair, with clothes that hang off of you or anything non-sense like that but I am saying don’t play into superficial things. What happens if you wear make-up, wear heels, dress flashy and work out like crazy and still aren’t sent a husband? I know a lot of women with that exact resume who are still single and I tell you it’s because it’s in God’s timing. Man doesn’t decide when your husband comes along, God has that power. You can do all of that and be single for 8+ years and looking around like Jesus I’m ready and you aren’t because it’s not your time.

1 Samuel 16:6-7 says: When they entered, he looked at Eliab and thought, “Surely the LORD’S anointed is before Him.” 7But the LORD said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”  

God constantly says in his word he doesn’t see us by our outer so why are people putting emphasis on the outer? Sis, open your bible and you’ll realize these people aren’t teaching you right. In this day and age we are in the midst of a lot of false prophets so you have to know the word for yourself. Don’t let everyone speak into your life because I promise you God didn’t send them to tell you that. He sends us to spread his word, he sends us to save souls, he sends us to be a light at the end of a dark tunnel. I can’t stress enough that if you they are trying to help you, it WOULD NOT COST! How can they say they are concerned for your health BUT are selling you a product they know isn’t going to work? People are paying rent off of people who want to lose weight so bad but don’t have the support or drive. They have so many scams these days to get your money, playing off of your desires and coming in the name of God but being so far from him it’s dangerous. I know I might offend but I’m sorry I’m trying to save my sisters in Christ!

I’ve been working out but it’s not for a husband, it’s to be healthier, to show my daughter a healthier lifestyle and to break the generational curse of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer in my bloodline. I understand that my Husband is coming when God sends him, no make-up, heels, wrap, herbalife, flashy outfit or amount of money is going to speed up his timing. Faith is going to let him know I trust him and submitted to his word. My spiritual life is being fed by reading my word, doing these blogs,attending church, reaching out to lost souls and he’s pleased with these things. Let’s Pray!

Dear Gracious Father,

Thank you Lord for all you are doing in my life, I come to you today with a heart seeking your word and rebuking image in my single season. I know that your timing is what sends mates, I know that faith is what pleases you and I know your word reassures me. I thank you for loving me despite of my outer appearance and searching my inner to know I’m all about Kingdom business I ask that you use me to bless other ladies who are caught up trying to fix their outer but neglecting their inner. I ask to that you give them your word about beauty and heal their broken spirits by way of lost prophets. In your mighty and powerful name I pray,