When we decide to give our lives to Christ we believe life is going to change for the better. We know it’s going to be constant work but as far as our trials and tribulations we think those are going to halt, RIGHT?! Nothing could be further from the truth, and that’s the hardest thing to stomach. But that’s not the worst part though, our friends and family who are living a life full of sin are getting blessed left and right and we’re sitting at home trying to make sense of it. We’re sitting home scrolling our social media accounts and can’t help but see someone has gotten a new job, a new car, a new house and we’ve been praying for those very things. We get upset and start to cry out to God asking why they are getting “OUR” blessing. We say things like “Lord so and so doesn’t even believe in you, so and so doesn’t even pay tithes, so and so is shacking up, so and so is selling drugs” and so many other things right? Well I’m here to knock all of those very thoughts out of your mind and give you peace in your season.


In Matthew 6:19-21 we get to see that God is telling us no matter what you see happening around you that you being faithful will pay off. On earth so and so is definitely seeming to do better than you, seems to be getting those things you asked for but once God comes back they have no home. God will supply every need but he does it in his timing, he’s not worried about your need to keep up with the Jones-es. HE’S JUST NOT THAT TYPE OF GOD, he’s more focused on letting you put things into perspective! You have to ask yourself if you want to have things that you can’t take with you and be in hell or do you want to wait on his timing and go be with him in heaven for eternity. Riches on earth is all those people have but God has given you the greatest gift, ETERNAL LIFE. 



God let’s us know that rich men will have a hard time getting into heaven and it’s because they won’t even share. I remember reading in the bible Jesus asked a rich man to give his riches away and follow him and have real riches. The man wouldn’t do it! Can you believe that??? He would rather have his earthly goods than to dedicate his life to following and serving CHRIST! With sinners it’s the same way, they’d rather look good to the earthly people than suffer a little following Christ. Aren’t you glad Jesus has you, so you will be set up in heaven with him? I don’t know about you but I’m glad when hell opens up, I’M NOT GOING THERE! If ALL I have to do is follow him, pay my tithes, study his word, pronounce my stance to the world and live in a way that’ll bring people over to know him and be set up for eternity, those sinners can have that life.

Trust me I’m going through a season where I have had to cry, pray, get upset, get happy, trust him and surrender to his will. I know exactly how it feels to be surrounded by sinners who appeared to be winning but still have to believe God for my turn around. I’m currently going through the unemployment season and health of my daughter being at stake so I’m speaking from experience that God CAN AND WILL turn it around. All you have to do is tell him, I know you’re going before me Lord so I trust you! I know those people in my life are seeming to do better than I am but it’s all apart of satan’s plan to get me off my walk with you. I’m not leaving you Lord, I’m not taking my eyes off of you, the devil can be yelling in my face but I’m going to stay focused on you. I know it’s hard, TRUST and BELIEVE I’m fighting my way through right here today. Let’s Pray!

Dear Most Gracious Father,

I thank you for loving me, saving me, waking me up this morning and keeping me in the midst of my storms. I thank you for reminding me in your word that I’m covered. I know at times the lives of sinners can look more appealing than the life I live but it’s just a trick of the devil to take me from you. As I sit here today declaring my trust, faith and belief in you father, you are mine and I am yours. No matter how hard it gets I’ll be grateful for where you have me. I’ll trust in your timing and believe you for my turn around. I know it won’t always be like this, you have promised me in your word that it’ll be greater later. I love you God and thank you for all you’ve done for me and the road you’ve prepared for me ahead. In your powerful name I pray,