I wanted to switch it up so I reached out to Wives In Waiting for a feature on ministry.  Mrs.Truscott and her camp were willing to share her ministry with the world and it’s amazing. For ladies like myself you’re going to be inspired and encouraged to go beyond your comfort zone and step into what God has for you! ENJOY!

Ministry Feature

  1. Tell me about yourself?

Born in California but raised in Texas. I’ve been married for 6 ½ to the man of my dreams and we have 1 daughter but believing God for more. God has called me to be a Titus 2 woman: pouring into other women the wisdom He has given me.

  1. What brought you to starting your ministry?

When I was single and in the beginning of my marriage I struggled with truly giving my life to God. I wanted to control everything but I didn’t realize that my life was out of control. When I really submitted to God He revealed the areas where I needed to surrender to Him

  1. What does your ministry teach women?

It guides women in honoring their commitment to God first, whether they are single or married. I focus on submitting to God with your whole heart and in every area in their life so they can have successful relationships with their friends, family, and current/future husbands. I teach semi-monthly webinars that focus on emotional, physical, mental, and emotional wholeness.

  1. Do you promote celibacy?

I do. Soul ties are real and cause more damage to our souls than they do to our bodies. Being spiritually attached to someone other than your spouse makes it difficult to connect with the one God chose for you.

  1. What’s one piece of advice you give to a wife in waiting who’s growing impatient?

Waiting on God is not about doing nothing but preparing for what you’re waiting on God. While they’re waiting on God, He may be waiting on them to fulfill their assignment.

  1. How has starting your own ministry changed your life?

It has shown me that I am a work-in-progress just like the members of Wives in Waiting. I have areas I need to work on as a wife to God and to my husband. Just because I’m not waiting on a husband doesn’t mean I’m not waiting for God to do anything else I need Wives in Waiting just as much as any other woman.

  1. What advice would you give to a woman who’s interested in starting a ministry but doesn’t know how to start?

Seek God’s direction and be humble enough to have wise counsel. Make sure you’re a good follower, can help someone else with their vision before you start one of your own.


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