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Wow, it has been some time since I have blogged or really done anything related to BFPH. I’m NOT proud of that so here I am trying to revamp it. I remember being in a really healthy spiritual and emotional place when I first started BFPH. Things have changed in my life this year and I’m going to speak briefly about it. This blog (and others) have been on my heart but I just didn’t share it but look out for it because I’ll be posting more and more about my journey this year. Let’s dive right into this blog though.

So, early this year I had the chance to meet a pretty nice guy. We talked, he knew God, he honored my decision to be celibate until marriage and he is a parent. I fell for him rather quickly but kept my feelings to myself until I got the official word for him on his feelings. In April, he expressed to me wanting to keep things light and I was devastated but I went with it. In May, he decided that he wanted more and told me he loved me. I was overjoyed and excited to be in a relationship because after all, I’d been single for 4 years. We communicated well, I was able to open up to him about my past hurts, he was supportive of me reuniting my daughter with her father and just was the man of my dreams. I thanked God nightly for him and we began to speak of marriage a few weeks later. I was really over the moon because as you’ve read previously on my blog I deeply desired marriage and thought God had blessed me with this gift and it was about to happen.

Fast forward down a few more months and I had been getting advice from different sources on what to expect in the next phase of our life. I called my Pastor’s wife for her expertise when we had those little arguments and I was actively preparing to be a wife. Now, I know you can NEVER be fully prepared or prepare to be married but I knew there were little issues I had that I’d need to work on before I could marry this man. I did that work and in my mind all things were a go, for him it was not. Recently, we had a petty argument/misunderstanding that I thought we’d brush over. He had been experiencing mixed feelings and decided he wanted to go another direction with his life. Now this has left me baffled, confused, hurt, shocked and so many other things. I’ve been filled with anger and I’ve acted it out on him and I am not happy about that. You just don’t know how you are going to react to someone who has hurt you very deeply. He has been really vocal about his disdain for my treatment of him. I thought how dare he tell me about how he feels after he has driven a knife through my heart and twisted it? The gall of some people but he is right! Just because I am hurting, my job as a daughter of Christ is to still show love and be kind. But how do you show the love of Christ when you are mad at Christ? Yes, I said it, I am angry with Christ because I felt he should’ve saved me from this pain. That’s a trip isn’t it? I’m smart enough to know that God isn’t at fault for this, I am! My relationship with Christ wasn’t even strong when I entered the relationship but here I was expecting him to honor it. I had begun slipping in my bible studies, engaged in some inappropriate conversations with this man but I expected God to cover me in it?

Well my first and most important priority should have been to get right with the Savior. I should’ve stayed connected to the vine instead of running off trying to become married. I should have been working to become whole in Christ instead of making this man my primary focus and neglecting Christ. Truthfully, God spoke to me MANY times in that relationship and gave me warnings not to make him my mini god. I did not listen because I wanted it so bad, I was willing to run through all the warnings and stop signs to get to my fleshly desires.




Another wonderful young lady who I connected with via Instagram who was open and willing to share her journey. I emailed her and she had no hesitation about spreading her journey to further God’s kingdom and help our single sisters out. Sis I thank you for being so open and willing to feature on my blog and represent the kingdom. I absolutely adore you and love your ministry and we are going to make this Celibacy thing BIG with the help of God.


Celibacy Feature

       1.   Tell me about yourself:

My name is Jasmine Harris, and I am single, saved, satisfied, seeking the Lord and saving my goodies for marriage J I am the CEO and Founder of Confessions of a Single Christian and I’m So Worth It ministries. God birthed Confessions of a Single Christian 12.22.12, and I’m So Worth It 03.13.13—each of these ministries were conceived from my pain and God has used it for his purpose and glory. Confessions of a Single Christian and I’m So Worth It vision is for women to find joy in their season of singleness, become complete in Christ, pursue their purpose, and discover their identity and worth in Jesus Christ. There was a cry of Tamar from women in the body of Christ, and women in general. There was a cry from women that have been used, abused and thrown out like yesterday’s garbage and left to pick up the pieces, and make sense of their life and worth. This cry has been heard by God, and he has commissioned and appointed me to help restore the woman that has been broken, to help mend the woman that has been used, and to bring healing to the woman that has been beaten. So many women have defined their worth by the men in their lives, or lack thereof whether it be a romantic relationship or father, and my ministries were birthed to awaken their worth and purpose in Christ Jesus! (Sorry this was so long, but I am extremely passionate about women being whole in Christ and I desire to help them in this process to purpose

2.   What brought you to the celibate lifestyle?

Pain, heartbreak and disappointment brought me to the celibacy lifestyle; however, it is Jesus’s grace that has kept and his love, which has maintained me! I was tired of giving my all in meaningless and purposeless relationships. I was giving my all to everyone except Jesus. I would only go to God when I needed his hands, and I was never seeking his heart. In the summer of 2008, my life was completely turned upside down, and when I was in a very dark place Jesus’s light came and found me. At the point of hitting rock bottom I found The Rock, Jesus Christ and re-dedicated my life to Christ, and began a path of purity and pursuing my purpose in Christ!

3. How has being celibate changed your life?

Oh my goodness—I have sooooooooo much peace and clarity. Being celibate has completely changed my life for the better. It has pushed me so much closer to Christ and I see things so much clearer than before. Sex before marriage clouds your mind and judgment, and celibacy clears those clouds. I can only speak for myself, but when I was in the world having sex I tolerated so much because the sex had me confused and in bondage. Celibacy broke those chains and set me free—free in Christ, free in my body, free in my mind and free in my spirit.


4. Do you believe celibacy is something that all women should practice?

I absolutely 110% think all women AND men should pursue purity until marriage. Sex before marriage cheapens the courting/dating process. Your marriage night is supposed to be a gift to one another and glorify God, because you honored him with your life and body during the courtship. As a couple saving sex for marriage allows you to really get to know each other and work things out instead of covering up your pain and problems with the temporary solution of sex. When you are  practicing celibacy during courtships forces you to get in front of God with your problems instead of the bed to cover them up

5. What advice would you give to women struggling with deciding to become celibate?

My advice is the struggle is real, but nothing you can’t overcome in Christ. When God says, “My Grace Is Sufficient” you have to believe that, lean on it and depend on it. I would encourage you to remove anyone and anything from your life that would cause you to stumble in your walk. There was a season I could not listen to any love songs or watch any romantic movies or novels. My mind would go on one heck of a trip, and take me back to sexual thoughts and memories. I seriously had to renew my mind daily and depend on God’s grace to get me through, and take it one day at a time.  Through time, daily denying your flesh and feeding your spirit with the Word of God you can and will go from struggling to surviving. You can do it!! You can achieve celibacy!! You can pursue purity, but not in your own strength.


6.What do you say to the women in a relationship who’s been sexually active with her boyfriend and believes she can’t stop having sex with him now because she’s already started?

I would say you never know unless you STOP!! And, if your boyfriend does not respect your decision to honor Christ with your body, then he is not the man God has for you point, blank, period!! Get out of the relationship, stop settling and chase Christ with your whole heart, and rest in God until he sends you the right man and awakens love in your life. You Can Do It Girl!!!!

7. What words of wisdom do you want to share with our sisters in Christ regarding Celibacy?

I want to tell my single sisters that you are so beautiful, so worth it, so worth waiting for, and so worth pursuing. You are such a precious jewel in the eye’s of

 What w God and he never intended for anyone to use you or abuse you, but whatever someone has done to you it does not take away how much God loves you or your worth in Christ. No matter what you’ve done or allowed to be done to you—you can always come back to God for forgiveness and restore your relationship with Christ. You do not have to settle or lower your standards for love, because the man God has for you will respect your body, heart and be in agreement with your decision to pursue purity. Do not be afraid to walk away from anyone that does not respect you or your beliefs. You are loved! You are sooooooooooooo Worth It!!








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