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Now I know to hear that the suffering we go through is a blessing can sound like an insult, right? I know first hand that I cried my heart, eyes and soul out due to the hardships of life. Isn’t it strange how we can go through something that we feel we can’t bare and we serve this awesome God, but where is he???? Like, what God would treat his children like this? What Loving father would allow you to lose your job, your spouse, your home, your mother or father, right? A good God and if you continue reading I’m going to help you see why he is worthy to be praised in the midst of these and many more troubles. James 1, verse two tells us that when we see trouble this is time to be happy. Sounds impossible up against what you’re facing right now huh? It is not because God has brought you to it to change you in the trouble. A lot of our troubles are troubles because we’ve seen in our past and maybe we didn’t handle it so here it comes again. In my particular case, my faith was a thing I just could not get right to save my entire life and I’d prayed to be more trusting of God so he gave me the opportunity.

A few months ago my family and I started having problems with our landlord. Oh he’s been taking us through the ringer theses days. I’m talking rent increase, 90 day notices, attorneys threatening me and I just freaked out. I cried, I stressed, I doubted, but in the end God came through. He sent a news anchor to tell our story on the most popular new station and in turn our landlord retracted. I was so ecstatic and thanked God for showing up and out in our situation. Now fast forward to February 12, 2015 and here comes this SAME attorney in my emails with a whole new notice. I opened it and low and behold our landlord has decided to sale the place. Ohhhh did I get upset and immediately begin to freak out once AGAIN, crying and screaming BUT I heard “o ye of little faith”.


I’d reached out to multiple attorneys offices and even called my friend at the news station and they were of little help. Then I remembered, HEY, you have been through this and the same God that saved you from this situation last time will have glory in this situation too. I checked myself and thanked God for bringing me back to this situation to strengthen my faith. See, God equips us with exactly what we need, we just have to be faithful and humble enough to endure and grow from our troubles. I know the growing period and learning phase can feel like it is goingto end your life. I submit to you today to ask GOD, “What lesson are you teaching me in this?” “Where can I grow and how can I do better this next time around?” I promise when you see your trials and tribulations in this light you will feel so much better because it brings you back to the rock. God is standing right there waiting for you to exercise your faith and even pray to him, he is waiting on you to call upon him. He operates in the impossible, in your faith he is at work and all you have to do is believe he is here for you.


Right now, just lay across your bed, couch or even drop to your knees and say God forgive me for missing the lesson. Lord I know you are faithful, I know you will bring me through so I hand it over to you right here today. I will not stress, doubt or worry about what man can do because you surpass it all. Lord I hear your teaching, I submit to your direction and I praise you for this time of suffering because in it I am made stronger and wiser. Father I outstretch my arms as I lay, stand or kneel acknowledging you for all that you are and welcoming in your spirit to guide me. Forgive me father for(name your sin/doubt) and create in me a new mind and understanding. This is my prayer, my request unto you Oh God. Amen

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If you are in need of prayer, reach out in the comments and I’ll email you. We can walk this path together, connected through God’s love. You have help, you have a prayer partner if you need one and God will see you through. God bless you!



The definition of empty is containing nothing, not filled or occupied. So what happens when we as people start to feel empty? Wearing a smile but on the inside of us feeling like we are broken, nothing to offer and plain ol empty. For some people you may have grown accustom to putting on this front so it doesn’t seem strange, sound familiar? We’ll I come to tell you, it is time to fill your glass through the word of GOD.

For the past few weeks my sister and I have been battling people over our children. With my daughter, it has been body image and she is only 5!!!! I didn’t know this issue was possible at such a young age but I’m not shocked because I too battled it. I came to find out my daughter is feeling self conscious because a little boy in her class  has been making comments about her. Now I’ll be honest, I told her to knock his head off( pray for me) but I had to retract the statement.  I immediately started to reaffirm her, telling her God does not make mistakes and she is fearfully and wonderfully made (psalms 139:14). I ended up telling her not to even play with him anymore because he is not being nice to her.  As a woman I understand we have to deal with men our entire lives, what we go through young does carry into adulthood. If you have a little boy downing you at 5, that sets a tone and you have a duty to protect yourself and be protected.

For my sister the issue is quite different because it’s adults being inappropriate with her daughter. I’m talking about people who should KNOW better, like too old to be antagonizing a child. My niece was born premature so she can’t sit down for long periods of time, talks more than some children and might act up a bit. We know these things but some adults aren’t smarter than 5th graders and just write children off as bad because they do not fit their mold. From the school to some other places it’s been a battle, people pushing her to the side, kicking her out of places (YES A 5 YEAR OLD) all because they haven’t taken the time to understand her. This made me VERY upset and even brought my sister to tears because of the treatment and stress. I was so upset because God has said children are a gift to us and we are to treat them well (psalms 127: 3-5) . When adults forget this, they are able to do things that they know are not right and God will punish them for it. 

In these situations we have felt empty, tired of repeating ourselves and having to tell grown ups how to handle children. You’d think it was pretty simple but it is not and can cause you to feel helpless. The thing that encourages me is that, God is fighting this battle with us and he knows our heart. He knows we honestly want the best for our children and he knows that we are going to follow his guidance on the situation. A verse that encourages me is Matthew 11:28 going down to 30 and it simply says ” Come unto me, all that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Somebody ought to feel encouraged right there because he just told you, you aren’t carrying this alone. Give it to me and I will work it out for you, where you can only do so much I can do all things so let me handle this. This is a situation where all you can do is trust him to turn it around and watch him work his blessings over you and your situation. That empty feeling you went to sleep on should’ve been given to him in your night time prayer to him. I have a habit of flopping down face first on my bed and calling on the name of Jesus. I just get to that point where the only thing I can say is Jesus, help me, I am DONE and I can’t handle this. He sweeps right in and reassures me that he has this and to release my cares on to him and he will refill my once empty feeling cup. When you are feeling empty in your flesh, take time to feed your spirit because he has a blessing for you. You aren’t going through this trial in vain, he is strengthening you and building your faith muscle. When you have less just remember there is an On on the end, this LESSon is just preparing you for greater ahead and you need to know that! Rest in his word, believe in his promises and watch the outcome of your situation. Let’s pray!


Dear Gracious Father,

I thank you for waking me this morning, thank you for giving me a testimony, thank you for working things out for me that I can’t even see. As I come to you today I ask that you would touch the hearts of people who are mistreating my children. I ask that you create a plan for these people to learn to show you instead of their flesh. I don’t know what things they are going through behind the scenes but I ask that you touch their hearts, minds, souls and lives so they can be better in you. I ask that you continue to fight for and with myself and my children as I try to teach them your ways. Lord I know you are mighty and that you can turn any bad situation into a beautiful situation and I believe you for that in my situation.  Thank you Lord for loving me, protecting me, strengthening me and guiding me in life, in your name I pray,


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John 15:13 is such a powerful verse in regards to friendship. In 2014 I’ve been wondering what happened to real friendships, like where are the people who would lay down their lives for their friends? It’s amazing how with age you notice that people you could call friends 15 years ago don’t hold that title anymore. For example, I pride myself on being an amazing friend, you can call me at 3 in the morning stranded and I’m getting out of my bed to come get you. Last year I had a year of redemption and forgiveness but some things have become future behavior from those same people. I won’t say names because it’s unimportant but I will give situations and hopefully solutions

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I recently had a birthday party for my 5 year old, I had several people back out and some had valid reasons. For the couple who didn’t call, didn’t show or had an excuse I’ve chosen not to speak to them. When you are a TRUE friend, you will turn over stones in the middle of the road to get to your friend’s birthday party. There will be no last minute attempt to honor your commitment to your friend, you’ll be there ON TIME, with a gift and helping in any way you can. Friendship has gotten so far from those principals that you get people’s latter, not there best. WORD TO THE WISE: YOU have to set a standard for people to rise up to, just like relationships , if you don’t set requirements in stone people aren’t going to honor you. I know about 10 years ago you didn’t have to have sit downs with people because they took pride in being friends but it’s apparently a new day. 

SOLUTION: Pray God gives you the words to say when your friends aren’t holding up their end. Also have a standard set in stone for what friendship with you looks like. If people can’t meet that requirement, there is absolutely nothing wrong with discontinuing that friendship. If you are the one they can call on but they can’t be called on that’s not your friend, they are using you.

Another example I can use is also related to my 5 year old. She had a situation where someone made her feel less than loved, kind of brushed her off. She wanted to go with the person and it was always an excuse as to why they couldn’t fulfill their obligation to her. She then came to me and said “So and so doesn’t want me, she doesn’t want me” and began to cry. One thing about me is I DO NOT play when it comes to my child! If you look up mama bear in the dictionary I’m sure my picture is next to the definition because I protect her to all faults. You can’t make my child feel any type of way & I not deal with you accordingly and possibly in a less than nice tone. Her schooling has been affected and I also DO NOT play with academics, especially if it’s due to someone stressing her out. She knows I have her back and if ANYONE attempts to come against her the claws and roar will come out.

SOLUTION: Again consult God first on what to say to the person and how to say it. Also swallow your fears about the outcome because no matter what the situation has to be addressed. Children are innocent and depend on their parents to protect them, make sure they are safe and feel loved. If someone takes on a position and doesn’t honor that role, it’s OK to remove them from the job. Ford fires and hires everyday and you have the right to do so too!

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LOOKING FORWARD: I am very proud to say even though I’ve had some bad experiences I do have people who abide by Luke 6:31.I don’t want to put them on blast BUT their names are Theary and Nakisha. When I say friend, I mean FRIEND! If I need anything I can pick up the phone and call them and they’d be right there. If I’m on my death bed and have hours to live, they will hold my hand and talk to me until my eyes close and God takes me into heaven. They have honored me for over 15 years and been a constant blessing in my daughter’s life since she was born. We’ve had our downs but our UP’S have been a straight flight, needless to say we haven’t had to discuss standards because they’ve stood by me since the day we met

When you find yourself in those uncomfortable situations, I’d ask you to go to God for the words to say. A TRUE friend is priceless and God will continue to send you people who will honor you. Pray to him for more God lead friendships and less Godless acquaintances. Some people just want to come around you to make sure you aren’t doing better than them. Some people just want to see in your life and go run and tell your hardships to people. Don’t be afraid to close the blinds to those people, they mean you NO good and will bring stress to your life. You can love them from a distance, pray for them every night but not let them gain access to take from you or make you feel a certain way. Let’s Pray!

Almighty God,

I thank you for giving me a chance to see a new day, I thank you for forgiving me for my sins and loving me in spite of myself. I come to you tonight with a heavy heart. I am lost for words to say to someone I’ve considered a friend and I need your guidance. In your word you’ve shown me what friendship looks like and I’m not being treated according to the word. I ask that if they are for me, you give me the words to say and if they are not for me you remove them from my life. I want friendships that reflect your love and that push me to be better in you and pray you send me those people. I want to further your kingdom, bring glory to your name and be friends with people who wish the same. I want to live in a way that’ll bring people to know you and not a way that sends people astray so I ask you continue to humble me. Thank you for hearing my heart and my prayer father God,



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So it’s the holiday season and you’re starting to see all your married friends family pictures, your friends with their boyfriends and people arranging trips to go home for the holidays. You’re sitting home single and just can’t believe it’s been 5 months, 1 year, 2 years and so forth of you being single. I know you can grow restless in your waiting on God for a mate so I’m here to reassure you that singleness is NOT a disease and get you through your lonely nights.

1. Realize that you are single for a reason: Whether you are recently out of a relationship because of “growing apart”, infidelity, or you realized he/ she wasn’t the one, this is a time to regroup. Coming out of a relationship is very hard, especially if you’ve created a soul tie (will be discussed in a future blog) to someone. You need to realize you left that situation for a reason so don’t fret about being single.

2. DO NOT STALK YOUR EXES SOCIAL MEDIA: If I had $1 for every time someone ran my exes information back to me, I’d be rich! Do not go looking at an old flames Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or e.t.c trying to see what or who they have going on. Realize it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what they are up to!!! It’s only going to cause you to become sad, depressed and make hell for you to survive the Christmas holiday. Think about it, you’re going to be playing your sad cd with a bottle of Patron looking really ridiculous!

3. Make sure you go spend time with your family: I don’t know about you but cooking on Christmas and enjoying some nice gospel music with my family brings me such joy. You get to be surrounded by family you may have not seen in awhile, eat great food and act silly and not be judged for it!

4. You get to enjoy a quiet house: Oh how I miss those years before becoming a mother! Don’t get me wrong, my daughter is an amazing gift, couldn’t imagine life without her but I MISS SLEEP! When you’re single you control you’re schedule, after work you can just enjoy a nice bubble bath, a glass of wine or even stay up late on Friday nights.

5. You have uninterrupted time with God: When you have a boyfriend or become married you may lose focus on studying your word, going to bible study and your prayer life may even suffer. Sometimes you pray and believe God for your mate and once you get them, it becomes GOOD LOOKING OUT JESUS,BYE! Don’t look at the screen like that, IT DOES HAPPEN! Being single you have time to get lost in your bible, serve in a ministry and fulfill your dreams. The season of singleness is the PERFECT time to figure yourself out, not sit around twiddling your thumbs.

6. Realize this is just a season: You won’t always be single so enjoy the motions of this season. I know when you’ve been single for a substantial amount of time you start thinking you’re going to die single. It’s NOT true, God just hasn’t said it’s your time so if you are submitting to him and following his word, he’ll send him/her. You have standards that you aren’t willing to compromise right? So just have FAITH and PATIENCE in what God is doing!  Let’s Pray!

Dear Lord,

I thank you for waking me this morning, I thank you for keeping me safe, I thank you for being an awesome provider and for loving me in spite of all my flaws. I ask for your forgiveness for any sins I’ve committed today and ask you to create in me a clean heart. I ask that you bring me peace in my season of singleness. I ask that you wrap your arms around me in my times of loneliness and guide me on your path. I understand this is just a temporary situation and trust you to bring a man/ woman into my life in your timing. Forgive me for being impatient and wanting to go before your plans. Your ways breed the best results so I’ll stand still and trust in you to bring my heart’s desires to pass. I love you Lord and you are so amazing, you’re awesome and so worthy to be praised. In Jesus name I pray,


Many of us are in a season of singleness and the question you find yourself asking is “God When will I find love”? I want to submit to some of you that you may be single because you aren’t ready. You may think I go to church, I go to bible study, I sing in the choir, I pray, I study my bible so I’M READY! NO, God loves that you do all those things but are you doing those things for a mate or because of your Christian duty? Are you sold out to Christ and know you can’t make him without him and studying to show yourself approved? God doesn’t want you to come to him, do his work and pray JUST for a husband/wife, he wants you to be genuine! He wants you to know he is there for you, he wants you to give thanks, he wants you to know he’s the ONLY one who you should call out for in times of trouble. Your friends and family can only do so much, you have to be submitted to him!



Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, finding love is going to require patience. Just because you feel you’re doing everything right and are indulged in a ministry doesn’t mean you are going to be found by a husband or find a wife. You still are going to have to wait on God to bring that portion into your life.


Something to consider is CELIBACY: When you are hoping to be married one day you need to keep your cookies in a jar with a lid on it TIGHT! Sex outside of marriage is not only spoken against MANY times in the bible but it also clouds your judgement. Your body is a temple so when you are sharing it with everyone you not only are devaluing yourself but you are also going against GOD. I know some of you are thinking “Well who is going to buy the car without test driving it”? Who’s going to wait until after they’ve committed to find out what “it’s” like?” That question is simple A MAN/WOMAN OF GOD who is sold out to Christ AND interested in much more than just your body, THAT’S WHO! The saying is so true, boys play house but real men build homes so if he isn’t willing to wait send him down the road to the girl that doesn’t value herself and doesn’t honor God.

Next thing and this is BIG: DO NOT GO MAKING SOMEONE YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE!!!!!!!! This is happening so often and that’s why the divorce rate is so high. If you have not consulted God and God has not told you this woman is your wife/husband then don’t go throwing rings around or accepting them. BE WISE in your choices, don’t ignore the fact that he is unemployed because his job is to provide as a man. If he’s unemployed and pursuing you then you need to shoot him down because a man who is going to take on a wife should be ready in ALL aspects to care for one. FORGET THE 2013 I’M GOING TO HOLD HIM DOWN thing. A man needs to be established before he comes into your life so it’s okay to dismiss him if he doesn’t have his things in order.  Fellas: DON’T IGNORE HER CLUBBING HABITS AND HER NEED TO SHOP EXCESSIVELY! A wife is not supposed to be up in the club grinding on another man, drunk and not representing your last names and family well. Also you don’t work so she can shop! I’m sorry ladies I’m going to tell it like it T-I-IS. You have to plan for your future and you have to remember no one wants to point you out in the club to their friend. Yes you can go out to dinner with the girls even grab a drink but be respectful in doing so. Yes, you can shop but you don’t need to run up credit card bills trying to look nice when your home life is a mess. 

These are just personal things I live by and I’m also single so you can take it or leave it. I’m learning just to be patient, I’m learning to pray about my future husband and even more importantly pray FOR him. Just because I don’t know who he is doesn’t mean I can’t pray for him. I’ve come so far on my journey of singleness that I’m even shocked myself. A couple of years ago I didn’t even think I was worthy of love, I didn’t even think I’d be capable of loving someone BUT GOD! He showed me my past and my mistakes didn’t count me out for being loved. He showed me that HE loves me more than any man will ever love me and that I had work to do. I found self- esteem and self love through his word and my life has been on a beautiful trip ever since. I ask you tonight to reevaluate where your heart is, confess your sins to him, be made whole and know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made in his image.


I have been studying my bible and finally got to the chapter of Job. I immediately was drawn in because for the past couple of months I had been feeling like him. I was making it & honestly still complaining, stressing, cursing God (yes I know how horrible that is), and just having a “job moment”. It’s so easy for us to praise God when things are flowing right, health is all great, finances are bountiful, fridge is fully stocked and e.t.c.  But soon as he lets us ride the waves of a little trouble we start to do just as Job did. If it’s one thing I’m learning it’s that being a Christian does entail some suffering because Jesus suffered so we aren’t exempt. 



It’s amazing how we can be so ungrateful to a God who sustains us through our storms. I remember just days before opening my bible the “hissy fit” I had thrown. In reading the chapter it made me do 2 things, 1 immediately start asking for forgiveness and 2 analyze myself. I know I’d been telling God how big my problems were instead of telling my problems how big my GOD is. I know that things are a little dreary at the moment but that doesn’t mean it’s going to always be that way. I know that I have to put my complete trust and faith in God. I can’t get “fed up” and start acting like a baby and start cursing God and telling him how he’s ignored me and how he just left me hanging. I have to just sit back and know that he is God and he knows what he’s doing.



So when WE are facing a Job moment I want US to stop right in our tracks and say “God, I know you are behind the scenes making things work”. Just because it seems stormy and like these troubles will last always your word has assured us it WON’T! You have made many ways out of what seemed to be no ways so I will sit still and let you work. Let’s Pray!

Dear God,

I first come to you apologizing and seeking your forgiveness for ever doubting the powerful God you are. We saw Job go to the bottom and you rose him right back to the top. You are faithful and I am so sorry that I ever spoke out of turn to you. You have promised me in your word that we are not meant to be mediocre. You’ve constantly encouraged me, taken care of me and shown your grace and mercy toward me. Forgive me for the things I’ve said out of lack of faith, forgive me for the things I’ve done trying to get back even at you. I can NEVER come close to your power so I thank you for sustaining me when I thought I was on my own. I want to thank you for the small & large blessings you’ve given me, I thank you for the ways you continue to make even when I don’t deserve it. I thank you for being who you are and what you are to my life. In your great and mighty name I pray,




So of course today is Sunday August 4th and I had an awesome church service. I walked in with my tithes in my purse and a smile on my face. Why? Because not even a year ago I was one of those people who didn’t know the importance of tithing. I would make excuses as to why I couldn’t pay them. My Pastor stood in front of the congregation and said ” People say they’re on a fixed income but remember who fixes your income.” I remember feeling like a knife went in my chest because that was my top excuse. I had the excuse of well I only have so & so dollars left so if I can’t give that last $60 because I need it. Let me tell you something GOD is supposed to get 10% of your income, that is HIS due. You are being faithful to him in paying your tithes because that shows him not only do you appreciate him for blessing you, but you trust him to supply your needs. 



GOD honors you for honoring him and he’s so proud of you for obeying his command. He will take care of ALL of your needs if you take care of his commands and you need to give with an open heart. He doesn’t want you angry you had to give, he wants you to have a smile on your face and a heart that trust him. I can honestly say when I tithed faithfully he poured so many blessing out to me that I honestly didn’t have room enough to receive them. Now I’ve gotten to the point of saying well I might have a $60 bill due but he’s getting his $60 in tithes. That’s the attitude I have about my tithes now, I trust him to refuel and refresh my finances.



I’m glad that I’ve reached the spiritual maturity to know that God WILL supply my needs. I don’t have to worry about my financial situation because when I honor him he’ll reward me. It’s so refreshing to bounce down that aisle with my tithes because I know how far I came from. I know that I didn’t have the mindset and faith to believe he’d have my back. I’m praying to him to bless me, not just financially but spiritually and to grow more. When I wasn’t paying my tithes my life felt it and I mean at an all time high. I was going through so many trials and tribulations, storms and I couldn’t catch a break. You should pay your tithes because it’s not your money to hold on to! He doesn’t want to hear ye of little faith, he wants to hear ye of great faith. He knows about your health, your employment needs, your mate wants and desires but if you can’t be faithful to him in something he requires, why would he give you the things you ask? You have to respect, honor, have faith in him and trust him to do his part but you have to do your part as well. Let’s Pray!

Father I come to you today thanking you for being God and being in my life. I thank you for being such an awesome healer, deliverer, provider and protector in my life. You are so amazing and I thank you for who you are to me God, I can’t imagine my life without you in it Father God. I ask that you continue to keep your arms wrapped around me. God I trust you to work out my situation, you know my needs and God I ask that you meet them. Thank you for giving me an income to be able to give you 10% out of. You are so wonderful God, I’m so grateful and thankful God for ALL you do in my life. In your awesome & mighty name I pray,