Many of us are in a season of singleness and the question you find yourself asking is “God When will I find love”? I want to submit to some of you that you may be single because you aren’t ready. You may think I go to church, I go to bible study, I sing in the choir, I pray, I study my bible so I’M READY! NO, God loves that you do all those things but are you doing those things for a mate or because of your Christian duty? Are you sold out to Christ and know you can’t make him without him and studying to show yourself approved? God doesn’t want you to come to him, do his work and pray JUST for a husband/wife, he wants you to be genuine! He wants you to know he is there for you, he wants you to give thanks, he wants you to know he’s the ONLY one who you should call out for in times of trouble. Your friends and family can only do so much, you have to be submitted to him!



Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, finding love is going to require patience. Just because you feel you’re doing everything right and are indulged in a ministry doesn’t mean you are going to be found by a husband or find a wife. You still are going to have to wait on God to bring that portion into your life.


Something to consider is CELIBACY: When you are hoping to be married one day you need to keep your cookies in a jar with a lid on it TIGHT! Sex outside of marriage is not only spoken against MANY times in the bible but it also clouds your judgement. Your body is a temple so when you are sharing it with everyone you not only are devaluing yourself but you are also going against GOD. I know some of you are thinking “Well who is going to buy the car without test driving it”? Who’s going to wait until after they’ve committed to find out what “it’s” like?” That question is simple A MAN/WOMAN OF GOD who is sold out to Christ AND interested in much more than just your body, THAT’S WHO! The saying is so true, boys play house but real men build homes so if he isn’t willing to wait send him down the road to the girl that doesn’t value herself and doesn’t honor God.

Next thing and this is BIG: DO NOT GO MAKING SOMEONE YOUR HUSBAND/WIFE!!!!!!!! This is happening so often and that’s why the divorce rate is so high. If you have not consulted God and God has not told you this woman is your wife/husband then don’t go throwing rings around or accepting them. BE WISE in your choices, don’t ignore the fact that he is unemployed because his job is to provide as a man. If he’s unemployed and pursuing you then you need to shoot him down because a man who is going to take on a wife should be ready in ALL aspects to care for one. FORGET THE 2013 I’M GOING TO HOLD HIM DOWN thing. A man needs to be established before he comes into your life so it’s okay to dismiss him if he doesn’t have his things in order.  Fellas: DON’T IGNORE HER CLUBBING HABITS AND HER NEED TO SHOP EXCESSIVELY! A wife is not supposed to be up in the club grinding on another man, drunk and not representing your last names and family well. Also you don’t work so she can shop! I’m sorry ladies I’m going to tell it like it T-I-IS. You have to plan for your future and you have to remember no one wants to point you out in the club to their friend. Yes you can go out to dinner with the girls even grab a drink but be respectful in doing so. Yes, you can shop but you don’t need to run up credit card bills trying to look nice when your home life is a mess. 

These are just personal things I live by and I’m also single so you can take it or leave it. I’m learning just to be patient, I’m learning to pray about my future husband and even more importantly pray FOR him. Just because I don’t know who he is doesn’t mean I can’t pray for him. I’ve come so far on my journey of singleness that I’m even shocked myself. A couple of years ago I didn’t even think I was worthy of love, I didn’t even think I’d be capable of loving someone BUT GOD! He showed me my past and my mistakes didn’t count me out for being loved. He showed me that HE loves me more than any man will ever love me and that I had work to do. I found self- esteem and self love through his word and my life has been on a beautiful trip ever since. I ask you tonight to reevaluate where your heart is, confess your sins to him, be made whole and know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made in his image.